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Play with Me.
Dead bodies everywhere..



Update your friends lists.
Thank you.
2 dead bodies // Play with me

I don't.. really know what to say right now.
Other than, "I don't give a fuck if you hate me."

If you want to like me, go ahead. I'm usually a nice person, despite what some people might say. As long as you aren't an idiot and as long as you've done nothing to me, I'll be nice.

I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong.
I'm not afraid to take risks.
I'm not afraid to tell you what I think of you.

I have no reason to be.
What do I have to lose?

Don't hate me because of my habits.

You aren't as smart as you think.
Your sarcasm sucks.
And you can't touch me.


Mood: angry psychopathic
Musix: Eminem — The Way I Am.

Play with me
Jeremy. You stupid fucker.

If you want your ring so desperatly, e-mail your fucking address to me [devoutski@aol.com].

It's REAL smart and mature to block someone completely and claim to keep them out of your life, yet still talk shit about them. Haha.

You fucking suck. :)

- Snugs Miguel. -


Mood: pissed off pissed off

2 dead bodies // Play with me
Mom's going to rehab for 30 days. That means, no mom WHATsoever. Fuck. I've been crying all afternoon until now. This really fucking SUCKS.

.. And to all of you who hate me, laugh.
It'll make you feel a WHOLE lot bett you motherfucking cold-hearted cocksucking balllicking asshole fucks. And I hope you get bit by a venomous spider that slowly and painfully pulls you down to your death.

Then *I* will laugh.


Mood: crushed crushed
Musix: Megadeth :: Killing is my Business.. And Business is Good.

2 dead bodies // Play with me
I woke up WAY too early. Anyway.. fixed my journal some more, made Miguel and me some sammiches, talked to Rofu [<3], and I'll be drinking soon before school.

That is all.

Mood: hungry hungry
Musix: Slayer :: Metal Storm.

Play with me
i am on a leash. and it's being held by my father's twin. i'm living with him all over again.. and i can't escape.


Mood: depressed depressed
Musix: Sepultura :: Screams behind the shadows.

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MUEveryone: its kinda
MUEveryone: fruitie
MUEveryone: :-D
necro II erotic: You're kinda..
necro II erotic: dumb.
necro II erotic: =)

PS. New SN.


Mood: amused amused
Musix: Metallica :: One.

Play with me
Nothing new to report really.
I'm alive. Barely.



Mood: high high
Musix: Ozzy Osbourne :: Crazy Train.

Play with me

Yesterday, I went to school in a good mood. An ACTUAL good mood! I got in English and noticed Miguel wasn't there. I just shrugged it off and figured he was running late. About half-way through the period I also noticed that Mike and Kala were gone.. *that's* when I started to get a little.. freaked. Then I got pissed 'cuz I was like, "Those motherfuckers! Skipping and smoking without me!" I was mad for the rest of the period until close to the end I hear someone shout:

"LOOK! Miguel, Mike, and Kala are being escorted in by Officer Griff!"

I'm like, ".. WHAT?!" And all day I was freaking out. I was thinking they got caught smoking a blunt on campus.. then I HOPED they wouldn't be that dumb.

Well.. they WEREN'T that dumb.. but they were still pretty stupid.

They had smoked out at Mike's house then sped on the way to school. A cop pulled 'em over and smelled the bud. Miguel [it really pissed me off when I found out he had been this stupid] said they had weed on 'em. -.-; Kala hid it in her bra and they never found it. The three just got suspended for the rest of the day..

And believe me.. when I got over there after school, they got one HELL of a bitching.

But, Miguel just shoved a joint in my mouth and said, "Hit this."

And that was that.


Mood: drained drained
Musix: Weird Al Yankovich :: Amish Paradise.

2 dead bodies // Play with me
This fucking kitten just climbed up my back and onto my shoulder. OW.

I've got frikkin' cuts all over myself from this little bastard. But.. I love 'im anyway. ^^

Yeah. Random update.
Because.. nothng interesting is going on now..



Mood: bored bored
Musix: Squirrel Banter.

1 dead body // Play with me